Sockdots – Sock Identification in a Snap!

Sockdots are the first and only identifying product to permanently label socks. It cuts the laundry sorting time in half! There will be no need to compare sock lengths or remember who wears what brand. Even a preschooler can do it.

Each family member has his/her own color of Sockdot. Just snap the Sockdot on your sock once and you’re set. It stays on permanently-even through the washer and dryer.

Now your socks can find your sock drawer and not end up in someone else’s. Better yet, folding laundry isn’t such a dreaded task because it can be finished quickly.

Sockdots helps athletes track their gear in the locker room/team bus. Parents save money by not having to purchase another pair of team socks, gym shorts, or jersey.

Sockdots ColorsSockdots have lots of other uses as well. Great for people who live in dorms or nursing homes. They are not just for socks…let your imagination guide you! Can be used on bath towels, mittens, and sheets.

Sockdots are fun and easy to use. You won’t feel them when you wear them but easily see them to sort them. People everywhere wonder why this hasn’t been available before.

Make life easy. Get Sockdots today!